Let’s Get Started!

Steps to create a better you!

1)  Register to join for FREE.  After you register you can sign in to get additional education from industry experts, find out more information is specific conditions, and view additional media links about this amazing technology.   To make you feel better your information will NEVER be shared with anyone else without written prior consent.

2)  We are no longer affiliated with Amazon as we would really like to pass the saving on to you! Please send a note to customer service and we will gladly fulfill your request, and answer any questions you may have. 

3)  Download the Making Waves App for FREE on the App store by clicking on the App Store Picture!  Or please contact us to join our Test Flight group.

4)  Get familiar with operation of the App

5)  Use the App

6)  Enjoy

Note: A therapy session can performed up to ten times per day.

Note:  Keep your body hydrated as Toxins are released during, and after the session.

Note:  More than ten times per day may create a Toxic Overload that your body may not be able to deal with thus making you feel ill.


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